Adaptable technology means future SEEQR™ applications could include explosives screening at:

  • Airports
  • Border crossings
  • Corporations
  • Stadiums
  • Sea ports
  • Package processing facilities
  • Cultural attractions
  • High-volume public events
  • Virtually anywhere explosives detection is a priority


SEEQR™ is not an imaging system. Its ability to penetrate materials maximizes throughput for all parties involved. SEEQR™ enables a world where objects are screened passively, with no intrusion or secondary interpretation.


  • Designed to meet International Air Transportation Association (IATA) criteria for the Checkpoint of the Future
  • Works with metal detector-like simplicity and incredible accuracy
  • No privacy concerns because SEEQR is not an imaging system
  • Wheelchair accessible, preserving security and dignity for those with disabilities
  • Direct threat detection eliminates guess work and subjectivity
  • Easy to deploy and train staff for maximum operational efficiency and guest throughput
  • Reduces waiting times, improves customer service


Easy to move

The portal’s attachable castor wheels provides easy maneuverability.

Scalable solution, aesthetically customizable

What do you want your security to look like? Its our goal to ensure that our SEEQR™ units fit your corporate or governmental environment to provide the best experience possible.